3 Great Types of Shower Doors to Consider

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September 24, 2019
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3 Great Types of Shower Doors to Consider

Upgrading the glass on your shower door is a great way to improve the overall look of your bathroom and add to your property value. We use the shower every day as a place to get clean and enjoy a refreshing start to our routine. It makes sense that we want a shower that is welcoming and helps us relax, which is why many people end up investing in a custom glass shower door to upgrade their bathroom. There are lots of options when it comes to choosing a shower door, which is why we’ve put together an article that details 3 great types of shower doors to consider. After reading this article, you should have a much better idea about how to invest in a glass shower door upgrade for your home. Remember to reach out to Diversified Glass if you are interested in upgrading any of the glass at your home.

1. Patterned Glass Shower Doors

One great type of shower door to consider is the patterned glass shower doors. This shower door features unique and compelling patterns on the glass for an added design element. They will typically feature floral designs or other simple patterns to add a nice touch to your bathroom. The patterns are great because they add style to your bathroom and also provide privacy while someone is using the shower. They are a fantastic option if you are seeking a shower door that allows you to show your personality and style. If you are interested in patterned glass shower doors, reach out to Diversified Glass for more information.

2. Frosted Glass Shower Doors

Whenever you are trying to make your final decision about which type of shower door is best for your bathroom, try to narrow things down to the features that matter the most to you. For example, if you are interested in privacy, frosted glass shower doors are a great choice. They have special glass that allows light to come through the glass while blocking the full view of the person inside of the shower. You can customize the frosted glass to your liking, but it’s an absolutely fantastic option if you want to add some style and privacy to your bathroom. These shower doors are appearing in more and more bathrooms across the nation, so you should absolutely consider it an option when you are trying to decide on bathroom upgrades.

3. Heavy Glass Shower Doors

One of the most popular options on the market is heavy glass shower doors. These doors offer a timeless look that will add a lot in terms of design elements to your bathroom. The glass on these shower doors is so thick that it doesn’t need a metal frame. That means you can achieve a minimalist and clean look for your bathroom. That makes it one of 3 great types of shower doors to consider for your bathroom. If you are interested in learning more about heavy glass shower doors, reach out to Diversified Glass today.