5 Different Types of Glass Windows for Your Home

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After you purchase a home, you begin a journey towards creating the perfect living environment. You will spend a lot of time inside your house, which is why you want everything to mesh well with your personal style. The glass that you select for your windows throughout your house is a crucial element to creating a nice home that you are happy to spend time in. There are a ton of options to choose from, which can be overwhelming for most, but we are here to help. Diversified Glass has been providing high-quality glass for homes and businesses since 1985. Below, you will find 5 different types of window glass that are great to install in your home.

Obscured Glass

This type of glass is perfect for windows that receive a large amount of sunlight. It’s very popular for glass bathroom windows and people that want to let in natural light without letting too much in. Obscured glass windows allow light to come into your home, but is coated or etched in a way that obscures the view from outside. It can provide some extra privacy for your home while keeping the light levels high.

Float Glass

This is a common glass window that is formed by using molten glass to create flat panels. It’s perfect for windows and is a low-cost option that many homeowners will end up choosing for their homes. It’s colorless and can be treated or upgraded in a variety of ways before it ultimately is installed in your home. Float glass is a great window glass option that you should keep in mind when trying to choose the best options for your home.

Safety Laminated Glass

Some homeowners are looking for glass that they know will be difficult to break. Whether you’re worried about intruders or just want to keep your children safe, safety laminated glass is a great option. This glass type is created by fusing together two or more glass panes around a layer of polyvinyl butyral. High heat levels are applied to the glass to form a panel that is extremely strong. Get this glass installation if you want peace of mind and added security.

Tinted Glass

You might have heard of putting tinted glass into car windows before. It’s a great option if you want to gain some more privacy to your home. This glass type is pretty much any type of glass that has added coloring. It can change the color of light inside your home and can block out some harmful UV rays from the sun.

Insulated Glass

This is a great glass type to have installed if you are trying to conserve on energy costs. The insulating properties of this glass type come from a special laminating process. You can find different insulated glass types with different energy ratings, which is why its important to work with a glass company that offers the highest quality products.