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At Diversified Glass, we’ve been honored to serve the wonderful people of the High Desert since we opened for business in 1985. Through decades of commitment to our craft, we’ve solidified our position as the premier choice for nearly every type of glass service. With a long-standing reputation, our esteemed Adelanto glass company holds full licenses, bonds, and insurance to ensure our customers’ complete peace of mind. Each member of our locally owned and operated team upholds values like integrity, honesty, and professionalism, underscoring our dedication to delivering the utmost quality for our valued customers. Your satisfaction is our guarantee, and we consistently strive to surpass our customers’ expectations – even when they propose unique and imaginative ideas. Get in touch with our experienced team today and discover the exceptional difference that Diversified Glass offers!

Adelanto’s Most Versatile Glass Service

Tempered Glass

Tempered glass, also recognized as safety glass, serves a multitude of purposes effectively. Tempered glass, renowned for its strength and safety benefits, is the recommended choice for installations requiring high durability, including doors, windows, and shower enclosures. Our team guarantees meticulous measurements and flawless installations to ensure that your safety glass meets all required criteria and provides you with a sense of security.

Commercial Glass Repair

Our team of skilled professionals is dedicated to offering top-tier commercial glass repair services, including timely responses to emergency calls. Should your business glass suffer from accidental damage, a failed insulation unit, BB holes, or any other damage, we’re prepared to help. When you choose our skilled crew, you can expect timely and reliable repairs that improve the safety, security, and functionality of your property. Our Adelanto glass service offers comprehensive solutions to keep your commercial glass in its peak condition.

Textured Glass

Transform your environment with the artistry of textured glass by partnering with the skilled pros at Diversified Glass. Embark on a journey of glass exploration with our pattern selection, featuring acid-etched, rain, glue chip, reeded, fluted, beveled, and frosted varieties. Incorporating these intricate designs lends an air of refinement and privacy to your space, all while welcoming the soft radiance of daylight. When it comes to glass, we prioritize quality, delivering standard obscured options or custom shapes that align seamlessly with your design and usage needs. Opt for our superior textured glass solutions to create a captivating and stylish ambiance.

High-Performance Glass Coatings

Our proficiency extends to advanced glass coatings, particularly low-emissivity (low-e) windows, which are engineered for superior energy efficiency and minimized heat transfer. Our expertise in glass installation ensures that your windows are furnished with the latest coatings, should you choose, for improved insulation and comfort. Low-e windows provide UV protection and aid in energy conservation by minimizing heat transfer, leading to lower heating and cooling costs.

Glass Repair

Count on our team of glass repair experts to address any glass-related concerns you may have, providing efficient and effective solutions tailored to your needs. Whether it’s a result of accidents, security incidents, or other mishaps, we’re well-prepared to restore your glass to its former state. Depend on our quick and reliable glass repair services to bring back the safety and functionality of your property without delay. Count on us to consistently deliver exceptional results!

Cabinet Glass

Add flair to your kitchen cabinets with our decorative glass choices, combining practicality with aesthetic appeal. Unleash your creativity with a plethora of patterns, like fluted glass, rain glass, frosted, acid-etched, beveled glass, glue chip, rain glass, standard obscure, and more to enhance the beauty and charm of your cabinets. Upgrade your cabinets with these decorative glasses that balance style and utility by obscuring cabinet contents while promoting natural light. The team at Diversified Glass has the expertise to fully customize cabinet glass and ensure that it harmonizes flawlessly with your desired kitchen aesthetic.

Pantry Glass

Pantry glass customization and installation are among our specialties, especially for doors that were not originally designed with glass. Explore our range of tempered glass options in many colors to customize your pantry doors and harmonize them with your decor. Let our skilled professionals handle the installation, ensuring a seamless and stylish addition to your pantry that elevates its overall design.

Decorative Glass

Let us transform your space with decorative glass solutions that marry beauty and functionality flawlessly. Explore our diverse selection of glass types, including textured, beveled, tinted, patterned, and laminated varieties, tailored to cater to every taste. Creating personalized glass shapes and sizes is our specialty, delivering tailored solutions to address your Adelanto glass needs. Our focus is on delivering superior decorative glass options that transform the look and feel of your home or business.

Laminated Glass

Laminated glass stands out as a versatile choice, perfectly suited for a wide range of commercial spaces. When it comes to commercial glass doors, laminated glass is a top choice for its dual benefits of safety enhancement and sound insulation. Trust in our proficiency for the exacting fabrication and installment of laminated glass doors. Count on us to surpass industry expectations and create designs that cater exclusively to your needs.

Glass Replacement

When the moment arrives to upgrade the glass in your commercial or residential space, rely on Diversified Glass’s team of experts for tailored glass replacement services. Whether it’s time to exchange obsolete, faulty, or ineffective glass, our capability ensures a smooth and proficient execution of every task. Elevate the aesthetic appeal and functionality of your space with our personalized glass replacement services, designed with your preferences and needs in mind.

Tinted Glass

Tinted glass brings together aesthetic allure and utilitarian advantages. Explore a spectrum of tinted glass options with our glass company in Adelanto, featuring shades like bronze, gray, blue, and green. These tinted glass options go beyond enhancing privacy and reducing glare – they also bring a fashionable ambiance to any space. Our professionals promise precise installation and individualized customization as we customize your glass to align perfectly with your specific needs and preferences.

Dual-Pane Windows

Dual-pane windows bring a range of advantages, from enhanced insulation to noise reduction and energy efficiency. Our glass shop in Adelanto stands out for its proficiency in fitting, restoring, and enhancing dual-pane windows to capitalize on their many advantages. Enjoy increased comfort indoors, reduced energy usage, and enhanced resilience with our specialized services.

Single-Pane Windows

Single-pane glass, though less prevalent in today’s homes, is still a feature of many buildings. Repairing or replacing single-pane windows is our expertise, aimed at enhancing energy efficiency and insulation. Reach out to us for crack repairs, condensation concerns, or when you’re ready to switch to energy-saving alternatives. Transform your space into a safe, practical, and comfortable haven by contacting Diversified Glass today!

3-Year Warranty

Count on Diversified Glass to provide a 3-year warranty, showing our dedication to delivering top-notch results. Our warranty safeguards against glass breakage for three years following installation, giving you peace of mind and trust in our products. You’ll also benefit from our lifetime seal warranty, ensuring the long-lasting durability and security of your glass. Our glass store prides ourselves on superior craftsmanship and unmatched service, supported by a robust warranty that underscores our dedication to customer satisfaction and product quality.

Custom Glass

From tabletops to insulated window units and beyond, our custom glass solutions are designed to meet your unique needs. Through our precise glass cutting processes, we craft pieces that seamlessly integrate and fulfill your exact specifications. From personalized glass designs in homes to renovations in commercial settings, our skilled team ensures top-notch workmanship and premium quality.

Plate Glass

Float glass, or plate glass, is an adaptable material that finds use in various applications. Plate glass, despite lacking safety glass attributes, is commonly applied in architectural designs, display cabinets, and locations that don’t require safety glass. When it comes to plate glass projects, the seasoned professionals at Diversified Glass have all the necessary skills and experience to provide impeccable service for installations, customizations, repairs, or replacements.

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