Shower Enclosures in Adelanto

Diversified Glass has been honored to serve the wonderful people of the High Desert since we opened for business back in 1985. After spending decades honing our craft, we’ve become the premier destination for just about any glass service. You can rest easy with our reliable Adelanto glass company because we hold full insurance, bonding, and licensing for your peace of mind and security. At our locally operated, locally owned establishment, every staff member is dedicated to embodying crucial values like professionalism, honesty, and integrity, guaranteeing our customers always receive the finest service and products. Our commitment is your satisfaction, and we always aim to exceed the expectations of our customers – even when their requests are unconventional. Reach out to our knowledgeable team today and find out why we’re the preferred choice for glass solutions in your community!

Full-Service Bath & Shower Glass Company

Discover the transformative power of a luxurious shower or bath glass enclosure from Diversified Glass! Our wide array of glass designs, including frameless options, ensures a perfect match for any style. Elevate your home’s aesthetic appeal and value with our expert shower and bath glass installations. Using only top-tier materials and tools, we strive to turn your bathroom into a relaxing and beautiful haven. Enhance your property’s appeal for potential buyers or renters with a stunning bathroom, which is a coveted feature in modern real estate. Our professional team guarantees meticulous work without compromising speed to minimize disruptions to your routine. Whether you’re seeking a dream remodel or a simple upgrade, we provide affordable solutions and personalized consultations. Don’t settle for less than the best! Contact us today to turn your bathroom into the most beautiful feature of your home.

Frameless Shower Doors

At Diversified Glass, we are known as a premier shower glass company offering top-notch services like shower glass replacement and repair, expert shower glass installation, and more. We are particularly fond of frameless shower doors because they add a touch of modern elegance and sophistication to any bathroom. Their seamless and minimalist design not only easily enhances the aesthetics of the space. Frameless doors are a top choice among customers due to their ability to create a spacious and open feel that showcases the beauty of tile work and fixtures. With our extensive experience and dedication to quality, we ensure a seamless process from consultation to installation. Frameless doors don’t just enhance the aesthetics of the space, but also promise easy maintenance and durability. Trust our skilled team to deliver exceptional results and transform your bathroom into a luxurious retreat. Experience the beauty and functionality of frameless shower doors from Diversified Glass!

Framed Shower Doors

As the leading shower glass company in Adelanto, Diversified Glass offers a broad shower glass service menu – including expert shower glass repair and professional installation of framed shower glass doors. Our expertise ensures top-quality products and meticulous craftsmanship for lasting beauty and functionality. Framed shower doors offer a classic and timeless look that adds charm and durability to any bathroom space. The professional team at our shower glass store is dedicated to providing exceptional shower glass solutions tailored to your needs and preferences. Whether you need repairs, replacement, or installation of new shower glass doors, trust our skilled crew for superior service and exceptional results. Transform your bathroom with our reliable shower glass solutions today!

Semi-Framed Shower Enclosures

Our extensive Adelanto shower glass service offerings include the beautiful and practical option of semi-framed shower enclosures. These semi-framed designs strike a perfect balance between aesthetics and functionality, providing a sleek and modern look while maintaining structural integrity. Frosted shower glass adds privacy and style to create an inviting and comfortable ambiance in your bathroom. With our expert installation and attention to detail, we ensure a seamless experience from start to finish. Trust Diversified Glass for superior craftsmanship and exceptional quality in Adelanto shower glass solutions. Elevate your bathroom with our semi-framed shower enclosures and enjoy a stylish and functional space for years to come!

Barn Door-Style Shower Enclosures

Our innovative, barn door-style shower enclosures bring a touch of rustic charm and modern functionality to your bathroom. Our barn door-style enclosures feature sleek and durable glass panels that slide effortlessly on a track, delivering a space-saving solution with a unique aesthetic appeal. These enclosures are perfect for adding character and style to any bathroom while maximizing space efficiency. Our professional installers promise a seamless and reliable barn door-style shower enclosure that enhances the overall look and functionality of your bathroom. Contact Diversified Glass for a charming and stylish shower enclosure that instantly elevates the beauty of your bathroom!

Bath Enclosures

At Diversified Glass, we provide top-quality bath glass enclosures and other bathtub glass solutions tailored to your needs. Our expertise extends to crafting custom glass enclosures around bathtubs, ensuring a perfect fit and enhancing the overall aesthetics of your bathroom. Whether you’re looking for a sleek and modern bathtub glass enclosure or a stylish upgrade to your other Adelanto bath glass features, our team delivers exceptional results. Our comprehensive bath glass enclosure service in Adelanto is all-inclusive, combining superior craftsmanship with top-notch materials to create durable and beautiful solutions. Trust Diversified Glass for all your Adelanto bathtub glass needs, and let us transform your bathroom into a luxurious and functional space that’s better than your wildest dreams.

Curved Shower Glass

Our innovative curved shower glass solutions are designed to add a touch of elegance and sophistication to your bathroom. Our expertise in curved glass designs allows us to create custom features that perfectly complement your style preferences and your space. Curved shower glass enhances the aesthetic appeal of your bathroom, and it also makes your showering experience a luxurious, spacious, and enjoyable one. Our unmatched team of experts guarantees precision, from our preliminary measurements through our professional installation. Your curved shower enclosure will be as functional as it is seamless! With our superior craftsmanship and top-quality materials, Diversified Glass creates stunning curved shower glass solutions that transform any bathroom into a spa-like retreat.

Hardware Finishes

The team at Diversified Glass understands that the finishing touches matter just as much as the main components in your bathroom. That’s why we offer a wide range of bathroom hardware finishes to complement your glass enclosures and enhance the overall look of your space. From sleek and modern chrome finishes to timeless brushed nickel or oil-rubbed bronze, we have options to suit every style and preference. Our expert team can help you choose the perfect hardware finishes that coordinate seamlessly with your bath glass enclosures, shower doors, and mirrors. With our help, you can elevate your bathroom’s aesthetics with high-quality hardware that looks beautiful and also functions flawlessly for years to come. Trust us to provide durable and stylish hardware finishes that add the perfect finishing touch to your bathroom design.

Hydrophobic Coatings

Diversified Glass offers advanced hydrophobic coatings for bathroom glass surfaces. These coatings promise exceptional protection and ease of maintenance. Our hydrophobic coatings create a water-repellent barrier on the glass, which prevents unwanted water spots, mineral deposits, and soap scum from building up. This keeps your glass surfaces looking clean and clear, and it also reduces the need for frequent cleaning and maintenance. With our hydrophobic coatings, water simply beads up and rolls off, leaving your glass surfaces spotless and streak-free. This technology also helps extend the lifespan of your glass because it reduces the potential for corrosion and damage that can be caused by moisture. Trust our skilled team to provide high-quality hydrophobic coatings that enhance the functionality and longevity of your bathroom glass surfaces and you’ll enjoy a pristine, low-maintenance environment for years to come.

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