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If your storefront requires a much-needed facelift, look no further than Diversified Glass! As the first thing that customers see, it’s essential to keep your storefront looking top-notch. With our commercial glass services, we’ll keep your business looking pristine and welcoming to all customers who seek your services, products, or even wanderers who decide to mosey their way into your establishment due to your attractive building and storefront design.

Remember, your storefront is essentially your first impression, and it’s always advantageous to put your best foot forward. We’ve been in this business successfully for over 35 years, and our work speaks for itself. If you're a new construction in need of a beautiful storefront or if your current store requires refurbishment or remodeling work, we’d love to show you the Diversified Glass difference.

Our skilled designers can put together custom storefront windows and glass doors that perfectly match your business's personal aesthetic. From tinted glass, low e-coated energy performance glass, and mirrored glass, we’ll find the perfect glass type to pair with your storefront and your business values. We also offer a variety of color options, ensuring that your choices are never limited. We'll perfectly match our designs with your company’s brand. We never seek to put you in a box, limiting your choices. This is your business, and we’re here to work around your needs.

Expertly designed storefront benefits aren’t limited to business attractiveness, either. We create all of our glass storefronts to give your business perfect lighting for your shoppers and customers. This will have your customers staying in your store longer, purchasing more items and ultimately having a positive experience every time they visit.

There’s no need to lose customers over an unwelcoming or lackluster storefront design. If you have old, worn, or damaged glass windows and doors, it speaks volumes about your business before a customer even sets foot into your store. No matter how beautiful your interiors may be, potential customers will always have to walk through the front door, let’s make that walk as attractive and welcoming as possible. Don’t let pre-judged notions detract from your business, sending paying customers away. You owe it to yourself, to your staff, and to your business to get the quality storefront design and glasswork that your business needs to survive.

Give us a call to schedule your consultation appointment today! We’re here to serve your and your business, and as such, we’ll work around your schedule. Our expert glaziers and glassmen are skilled professionals who work with the utmost friendliness, courteous, and respect. It’s our privilege to be able to aid you and your business, and we’ll work tirelessly to design and install a gorgeous storefront representative of the amazing business that you run and the people that work within it.

We understand that your time is precious and that time wasted might as well be dollars wasted. While we never rush our work, our trained designers and installation team are professionals that will get the job done quickly and thoroughly, getting your back to your store as soon as possible.


Diversified Glass can even put together custom storefront windows and doors for new construction, do repairs, and glass and frame replacements.

Our inventory includes a variety of colors and styles to choose from including tinted glass, low-E coated glass, which is energy-performance glass, and mirrored finish glass, which can be mirrored or reflective. We also have full access to all tempered and laminated safety glass, which is sometimes required by law.


Trusted since 1985, Diversified Glass, Inc. is licensed and bonded to ensure your project's success. CA ST. LIC# 801213.

When you are ready to update the look of your commercial property, Diversified Glass is the only name you need to know. We install quality and affordable glass storefronts and offer remodels and refurbishing services when you to change its look.

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