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Since our establishment in 1985, Diversified Glass has remained committed to exceeding the expectations of High Desert customers. With nearly 40 years of dedicated effort in educating ourselves and improving our skills, we’ve become the premier destination for glass services in the region. Local residents trust our established Oak Hills glass company because we are fully licensed, insured, and bonded, and insured, providing priceless peace of mind with every service. The staff at our locally owned and operated business is characterized by traits such as professionalism, integrity, and honesty, reflecting our unwavering dedication to providing the very best for our valued customers. Your satisfaction is our guarantee, and we consistently strive to surpass our customers’ expectations – even when they propose unique and imaginative ideas. Reach out to our knowledgeable team today and find out why we’re the preferred choice for glass solutions in your community!

Oak Hills’s Most Versatile Glass Service

Pantry Glass

Customizing and installing pantry glass, especially for doors initially lacking glass, are just a couple of areas where our team shines. Personalize your pantry doors with our selection of colored tempered glass, perfectly suited to complement any decor. Our skilled professionals guarantee precise measurements and seamless installation for a flawless and elegant addition to your pantry.

Commercial Glass Repair

Count on our skilled professionals to provide superior commercial glass repair services, including prompt responses to emergencies. If your business glass experiences accidental damage, insulation unit failure, BB holes, or similar issues, our team is at your service. Our crew’s experience guarantees repairs that are both timely and dependable, making your property safe, secure, and functional. Rely on our Oak Hills glass service to ensure that your commercial glass remains in top-notch condition.

Tinted Glass

The charm of tinted glass extends beyond looks, offering practical functionality as well. Discover an array of tinted glass possibilities at our glass company in Oak Hills, offering shades like bronze, blue, gray, and green. These tinted glass options don’t simply bolster privacy levels and diminish glare, but they also add a stylish element to any setting. Rely on our specialists for accurate installation and personalized customization as we design glass that fits your distinct requirements and preferences.

High-Performance Glass Coatings

Specializing in high-performance glass coatings, we excel in low-emissivity (low-e) windows that optimize energy efficiency and mitigate heat loss. With our glass installation prowess, we ensure your windows are outfitted with advanced coatings, if desired, for enhanced insulation and comfort. UV protection is one of the benefits of low-e windows, along with energy savings by reducing heat transfer in both winter and summer.

3-Year Warranty

Our commitment to excellence is reflected in the extensive 3-year warranty that accompanies our work at Diversified Glass. With our warranty, you’re covered for glass breakage for three years from the installation date, providing peace of mind and confidence in our products. You’re covered by our lifetime seal warranty, ensuring the ongoing durability and security of your glass. Trust in our glass shop for superior quality and unmatched service, backed by a comprehensive warranty that demonstrates our unwavering commitment to product quality and customer satisfaction.

Dual-Pane Windows

Dual-pane windows provide superior insulation, noise reduction, and energy efficiency for your space. Turn to the premier glass shop in Oak Hills for top-notch installation, repair, and replacement of dual-pane windows so you can take full advantage of their benefits. Our expertise ensures a more comfortable interior, lower energy expenditure, and improved longevity.

Decorative Glass

Count on us to create decorative glass solutions that add both visual appeal and practical benefits to your space. Dive into our comprehensive range of glass options, including patterned, textured, tinted, laminated, and beveled varieties, promising versatility for all design tastes. Crafting custom shapes and sizes is our forte, allowing us to deliver personalized Oak Hills glass solutions tailored to your specific needs. Count on us for premium decorative glass that adds a touch of elegance and charm to your home or business space.

Custom Glass

Our personalized glass offerings are crafted to fit your requirements, spanning from tabletops to insulated window assemblies and beyond. Utilizing exacting glass cutting methods, we create pieces that fit impeccably and cater precisely to your preferences and specifications. Whether you’re looking for distinctive glass designs for your home or revamping a commercial property, our experts guarantee exceptional craftsmanship and top-tier quality.

Laminated Glass

Commercial settings benefit greatly from the adaptability and versatility offered by laminated glass solutions. Utilized extensively in commercial glass doors, laminated glass excels in boosting safety and security while dampening noise effectively. Expect precision in the crafting and installation of laminated glass doors by our experienced team. Our goal is to exceed conventional standards by creating solutions tailored exclusively for you.

Plate Glass

Plate glass, known as float glass, serves a multitude of purposes due to its adaptable nature. Though plate glass isn’t designated as safety glass, it’s frequently utilized in architectural setups, exhibits, and spaces without safety glass requirements. Diversified Glass boasts a team of experts proficient in plate glass tasks, making us the preferred option for all your plate glass installation, customization, repair, or replacement needs.

Glass Repair

Our skilled professionals specialize in glass repairs, offering comprehensive solutions for all your glass-related issues – whether they’re minor repairs or urgent emergency situations. With our skills and experience, we’re capable of addressing various glass issues, including those caused by accidents, break-ins, or other problems. Count on our timely and dependable glass repair services to safeguard and restore the functionality of your property. Expect outstanding results from our skilled professionals every single time!

Tempered Glass

Tempered glass, also known as safety glass, is the preferred option for many different uses. Engineered for strength and safety, tempered glass is the go-to material for safety-conscious installations like doors, windows, and shower enclosures. Our skilled professionals take accurate measurements and conduct expert installations to ensure that your safety glass meets rigorous standards and gives you peace of mind.

Glass Replacement

If you’re considering upgrading the glass in your home or business, turn to Diversified Glass’s skilled professionals for customized glass replacement options. Whether you’re looking to upgrade worn-out, dysfunctional, or inefficient glass, we have the know-how to execute the task promptly and professionally. Crafted to suit your individual needs, our superior glass replacement services enhance the practicality and aesthetic appeal of any setting.

Textured Glass

Experience the magic of textured glass as our skilled team at Diversified Glass brings unique, artistic beauty to your space. Explore our diverse selection of glass patterns, including acid-etched, frosted, reeded, rain, beveled, glue chip, and fluted designs. By incorporating these stylish patterns, you can achieve an aura of sophistication and privacy while still embracing the natural glow of light. Our commitment to excellence means you’ll receive top-notch glass, whether it’s standard obscured or uniquely shaped, to perfectly align with your style and practical requirements. Choose us for exquisite textured glass solutions that transform your Oak Hills space into a visual masterpiece.

Single-Pane Windows

While less common in modern homes, single-pane glass is still found in many properties. We excel in upgrading or fixing single-pane windows to boost energy efficiency and improve insulation. Get in touch with us for crack repair, condensation issues, or when you want to upgrade to energy-efficient options. Don’t settle for an impractical or unsafe space – contact Diversified Glass for all the best solutions!

Cabinet Glass

Enhance the appeal of your kitchen cabinets with our selection of decorative glass, offering a blend of functionality and visual charm. Explore a diverse selection of styles, including beveled glass, reeded glass, rain glass, acid-etched, fluted glass, glue chip, standard obscure, frosted glass, and more to enhance the beauty of your cabinets. Enhance both the aesthetic and practical aspects of your cabinets with these decorative glasses that subtly hide contents while letting in sunlight. Trust Diversified Glass to design customized cabinet glass that reflects your design preferences and enhances the overall aesthetic appeal of your kitchen.

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