Smart Ways to Use Mirrors in Your Interior Design

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Smart Ways to Use Mirrors in Your Interior Design

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Mirrors are a great way to enhance your interior design. Utilizing mirrors throughout your home can help you make your home feel brighter, more spacious, and adds extra interest to the overall look of your interior spaces. If you’ve never thought of using mirrors for anything more than checking your appearance before you leave the house, read on for our helpful tips for ideas on how you could be using mirrors to spice up your interior design.

One of the biggest benefits of using mirrors throughout your home is that they allow you to play with light. Strategically placing a mirror in a place where will reflect the natural light coming in from a nearby door or window is a great way to brighten up any room. Natural light is not only beautiful, but it can also save you the need for using lamps or overhead lighting during the day.

Because mirrors come in all different shapes and sizes, you have the ability to really get creative with the way you use them throughout your home. Placing mirrors your walls adds an interesting three-dimensional effect that can help draw attention to framed photos and other decorative items surrounding it. Mirrors can also enhance the look of statues and vases when they are positioned behind them.

When you’re choosing the perfect spot for your decorative mirror, remember, you don’t always have to hang your mirrors on a wall. A mirror resting on the mantel above your fireplace will add height and interest to that area of your room.

It should be noted that while mirrors obviously look great inside, there’s no rule that says you can’t use them outdoors as well. Placing mirrors outside your home can help open up the feel of a small patio. Play with the position of your mirror so that it reflects a beautiful tree or rose bush. With a little imagination, you can create an outdoor space that is truly unique.

When it comes to using mirrors in your home, there really are no rules! Mirrors can be used in any room in your house, so feel free to get creative. Mirrors are a great way to enhance areas of your home that may lack light or feel too small.

And while you can find plenty of mirrors at your local home furnishing store, don’t feel like you’re limited to what you find on the shelves. At Diversified Glass we can create a custom mirror in any shape or size you desire. If you have something really specific in mind, you’ll be happy to know that you are not limited to what you can find in stores. Our team of glass professionals can work with you to create a truly unique mirror that you will love. We can even fabricate and install an entirely mirrored wall in any room in your home.

Contact our office today and learn more about our custom mirror fabrication services. One of our helpful associates is standing by to answer any questions you have.