The Benefits of Frameless Glass Shower Doors

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May 24, 2019
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June 21, 2019
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The Benefits of Frameless Glass Shower Doors

Remodeling or building the bathroom of your dreams means choosing from a lot of different options. Trying to determine the best option for providing closure for your shower is one of those choices that will dramatically impact the overall aesthetic of your bathroom. You can go with a shower curtain, sliding doors, or a stunning frameless glass shower door. Each of the options you evaluate has different price points and benefits, so it will all come down to your own personal preferences and situation. However, if you are looking to go for one of the trendiest and stylish options of recent times, frameless glass shower doors are the right choice for you. Keep reading on to learn about some of the benefits of frameless glass shower doors.

1. Makes Your Bathroom Seem Larger

One of the big benefits associated with frameless glass shower doors is that they can make your entire bathroom space feel larger than it really is. Sliding shower doors and curtains cut off your line of sight, while a frameless glass shower door allows you to see inside of the shower. This can dramatically change the way that you perceive your bathroom. If you have a smaller bathroom you are working on, the frameless glass shower door might be the perfect option for you.

2. Variety of Sizes

When you are working with a great custom glass company like Diversified Glass, you can get a frameless glass shower door in any size you need. Frameless glass shower doors can be cut to fit any size shower space, which provides you with a lot of flexibility for making your vision of the perfect bathroom become a reality.

3. Helps Light Flow Through

Taking a shower in a dimly lit space can be challenging to say the least. With a frameless glass door shower, you are helping light flow into your shower and throughout your bathroom. Both natural and artificial light can flow through your frameless glass shower door so that you can have a bright start to your days.

4. Easy to Clean

Cleaning the bathroom can be a challenge depending on what your shower looks like. If you choose to invest in a frameless glass shower door, you will find that your bathroom is very easy to clean. You can typically just use a squeegee on a frameless glass shower door to clean it. It’s also very easy to get in and out of a shower for cleaning with this type of shower door.

5. Lower Chances of Mold

One of the issues that many homeowners deal with is having mold grow in their bathrooms. With a frameless glass shower door, you have a much lower chance of dealing with this issue. There are no seals around a frameless glass shower door, which prevents water and soap to build-up in areas that are prone to mold.

The frameless glass shower door is a fantastic option for homeowners that are looking for great benefits and a stylish appearance. Contact Diversified Glass today if you have any questions about our custom glass services or would like to learn more about frameless glass shower doors.