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If your windows are on the older side and beginning to wear down, it may be time to start thinking about getting them replaced. At Diversified Glass, we specialize in custom and affordable window design and installation. Our expert professional designers and installers are ready to meet every need that you may have when it comes to your windows. We offer high-quality window options that won’t break the bank and look luxurious from inside and outside of your house. After all, we are the glass experts. Having your windows replaced will not only make your home look and feel fantastic, but it may even save your money down the road.

The first thing that people notice about a home is the window. It’s an instant first impression upon any guests or visitors. Together, with our various design, color, and glass-type options, we’ll ensure that your custom windows are a welcoming addition to your curb appeal, with a style all your own. This also extends to potential renters or buyers if you're thinking about putting your home on the market, guaranteeing that your windows will be an excellent selling point rather than a detriment.

Having your windows replaced will not only make your home look and feel fantastic, but it may even save your money down the road. Older windows are not nearly as well insulated and energy-efficient as new ones. Our professional window installation knows precisely how to install these windows so that the temperature inside your home remains under your control. Don’t inefficiently lose warm or cold air by allowing poorly installed windows into your home. Having your older, worn down, or damaged windows replaced will ensure that your energy bills come down while enjoying the beauty of brand new windows!

While we aim to deliver quick work, we do not cut corners (only glass), or rush our services to move onto the next client. Our professional team of expert, certified glassmen pairs their experience and years of knowledge with the high-end materials, and state of the art tools. All installation tasks that we take on are done with the highest quality, courtesy, and respect. When you’re with us, you get all of our attention, skills, and expertise. It’s our privilege to help build the home of your dreams with you, and we’ll do our absolute best to show you why we’ve been a trusted name in the area for years.

Give us a call to schedule your in-home consultation today! We’ll work with you to find a custom window installation plan that works well within your current household budget. We work with all ranges of budgets and will work tirelessly to find a design and installment plan that works for you while ensuring the highest quality of in-home luxury and energy efficiency. We have over 35 years of trusted service under our belt, and we’ve been able to stay a trusted name in the High Desert area because of our exceptional service and luxurious final products. That’s the Diversified difference

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